> > > 2017 PROWONDERFUL Company Tour, YILAN


16th-17th June is our company trip; we visited many interesting places, included NCFTA Yilan Park, Nei-Shan Tea house and Chung-Fu brewery. We had a good time in Yilan.

Our first stop is NCFTA Park, which is designed for preserve Taiwanese traditional culture; Visitors can have a look at Taiwanese architect of different periods, learn about history of traditional crafts in the museum. One of the most impressive things is enjoying the show of making Candy & Coconut Wrap, a typical and popular candy in 50s or 60s in Taiwan. It reminds of our memories of childhoods.


    In addition, we also made Hakka Lei Cha, a traditional Hakka beverage, at Nei-shan Teahouse. We put peanuts, several kinds of nuts, and sesame into the bowl and then grounded them into power. Finally, we stirred powders into boiled water until completely blended.

    Lastly, we experienced butterfly pea sparkling water at Chung-Fu brewery, and packed it with beautiful decoration as souvenir.










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