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     Summers has officially arrived and let’s have fun. We invited Sin-Fu children joining our 2 days activity. This summer we organized Hakka museum, Shang shun world and Woods factory on-site tour, included experiencing AR/VR and wooden products DIY.

    First of all, we visit Hakka museum learning more Hakka culture and doing virtual dressing there; it was the most interesting things to acquire our Hakka dressing photos.










     Secondly, we went to Shang Shun World flying theater, which created a famous japanese movie scenes of “Attack on Titan” with 4Dx effect. Wearing 3D glasses, we felt as if we were truly there. At the end of the day, we enjoyed chldren’s performance during dinner time.




























    On second day, we joined a wooden product painting activity at Ya-Xian Bao, which named Shuan Fen woodcarving factory before but transformed to DIY center now. Painting our own wooden duck concluded our tour.

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