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TAIWAN NEWSGogoro’s Eeyo a lightweight e-bike made for the city

By Eric Chang, Taiwan News, Contributing Writer, 2020/05/29 14:57

描述: Eeyo 1s (Gogoro photo)

Eeyo 1s (Gogoro photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Gogoro has unveiled its first e-bikes called the Eeyo 1 and Eeyo 1s, which are part of a new Eeyo sub-brand from the Taiwan electric scooter maker.

The Eeyo line is designed for urban use and according to its makers prioritizes “agility over utility,” according to a press release. The standard Eeyo 1 weighs in at 12.5 kg, while the Eeyo 1s comes in at just 12 kg.

Both models include a carbon fiber frame and fork, while the Eeyo 1s also have carbon fiber rims, handlebar, and seat post, according to Electrek. The open-frame design eliminates the need for a traditional seat tube and also allows riders to easily carry the bike over their shoulders when it can't be ridden.

The e-bikes are powered by Gogoro’s Eeyo Smartwheel, which integrates the motor, battery, sensors, and smart connectivity into a self-contained hub in the back wheel. The Eeyo Smartwheel has two different modes, Sport and Eco, depending on the level of power assist required by the rider.

In terms of range, on a single charge the Eeyo 1 can cover 64 kilometers in Sport Mode or 89 km in Eco Mode.

The Eeyo 1 only needs to be connected around the hub to charge. Gogoro added it would sell an optional charging stand, which will be included for those buying the Eeyo 1S, according to The Verge.

The standard Eeyo 1 has a price tag of US$3,899 and is available in "cloud blue" and "lobster orange." The Eeyo 1s will cost US$4,599 and comes in "warm white."

According to Gogoro, the bikes will go on sale in the U.S. and Taiwan in July and Europe later in the summer.

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