> > > Volunteering:XiaWuLai Skywalk x Ceramic DIY------2018

VolunteeringXiaWuLai Skywalk x Ceramic DIY------2018

    August come to a close, let’s have fun in summer. This summer we invited Sin-Fu children to attend XiWulai skywalk and ceramic DIY tour.










   XiaWuLai has been famous for its beautiful bridges, which are suspended above waterfall and rivers. One of which is skywalk suspended above waterfall, we could overlook waterfall beneath our feet because of the glass floor. The other is a hanging bridge extended 70 meters at length and 100 centimeters at width, we could not walk cross the hanging bridge quickly due to its narrow width and its covibration effect. This moment was filled with children’s scream and laughter.


    Next, we head for New Taipei city, making our own ceramics stuffs. After lively discussion there, some of us made bowls and the others made cups.

    However, making ceramic stuffs was not easy because of its fragile characteristic. It required patience and concentration during pinching process. Lastly, with the help of our staffs, children finished their own ceramic stuffs. We appreciate your participation and look forward to see you next year.

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