> > > 2019:55th JEC Composites Paris

201955th JEC Composites Paris


  JEC World has been one of leading historical worldwide expo held by JEC group every year. The group starts their activities from 1965, and we attend 55th Composite Paris this year.  

JEC Composites Paris has been a trade forum of composite materials and its exhibit has covered vehicles, ships, aerospace, construction materials, trains & trams, wind powers, leisure industry in comparison to other EXPOs. According to latest statistic, trade visitors who work for vehicle manufacturing, aerospace and construction industry is up to 42,000 during last decade. Nevertheless, Asian trade visitors are increasing (such as Taiwanese, Chines, Japanese, Korean and Russia) than European visitors recently.

 From this Expo Paris, we notice the demand of composite materials of aerospace, wind energy and vehicles are still on the rise. Secondly, Carbon-Fiber demand is going up because of improved technique. Hence, we expect Carbon-Fiber can be used on general vehicles within 2 years. Thirdly, Resin replaces Epoxy due to environmental awareness raise; relative products on telecommunication industry are ascending as well.

Overall, the demand of Carbon-fiber is booming, and we are to gain more market shares and broaden our leading position.

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