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VolunteeringAtayal tour ----2019

    Once a year activity has come here! Are you ready for join our summer tour?

   This summer we visited Atayal Hunter School, Shi-Bi Dyeing and Weaving Studio. Thereaweree many exciting things at the school, included Patas, archery, planting mushrooms, bamboo rice DIY, pounding mocha and aboriginal BBQ. Our favorite part was wearing Atayal costumes and dancing hand in hand at the plaza. Lastly, warm dinner with lovely Sin-Fu children concluded our first day.


      On second day, after having delicious breakfast at hotel, we head for Shi-Bi Dyeing and Weaving Studio dyeing our own stylish square towel. Before dyeing our towels, we need to design and tie it up. Everyone was thrilled with their perfect towels at the end.